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All Donations are processes automatically by BuyCraft if you are online on the server at the time you pay. (Ranks can be paid offline, but it would make it a lot easier if you are online). When donating for Horse Eggs and EXP Packages, it is required that you are online to receive your stuff, if you fail to be online on payment, then this is your fault!

Every Donation from 10$ and up will also give you a Un-Ban!

All donations are CaSe SeNsiTiVe. Be sure to enter your username correctly with proper capitals.
Otherwise the Owner/Administrators will have to manually set your package/Rank.


Refund Policy


Our refund policy is as follows:
Any purchase made to PVPCrafters is as is. We do not give refunds of any kind after a purchase is made. Understand that we do not provide transfers of purchases either. In other words, you can not transfer a rank to another account if your account was compromised or you created another account. Forced refunds such as a charge-back, claim, or dispute in an attempt to receive a free rank, scam, or refund a donation is prohibited. We take disputes very seriously. If a charge-back, claim, or dispute is initiated we will use legal action against it.

For help, contact pvpcrafters@hotmail.no
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